Introducing MyHummy Mia!

I am so excited to share with you the new Mia MyHummy bear which has launched today! We have been incredibly lucky to be one of the first families to test out Mia and I’ve written my review below.


I have used the white noise option before with Esther and it really helps her go to sleep quicker and rarely with any problems. I put Mia in her cot at night and she likes to cuddle her before she goes to sleep. Its so soft for her cuddle and I think its a great size and shape for her to snuggle up to. MyHummy is now part of our bedtime routine because once it gets switched on Esther knows its bedtime. The cry sensor is also amazing for when she wakes up, Mia turns itself on and works at soothing her back to sleep and we get an extra hour in bed!


Mia also comes with a new soft heart shape which has a teething ring on and an opening where you can put the sound device in. I think this is a great idea especially when they are teething. The noise can be really comforting but also the teething ring is there to provide some relief and it can easily be taken out on the go!

Mia has all the amazing original features such as the sleep sensor with fade in and out programme, the 12hour non-stop mode and  it can be used on the mobile app (making life a whole lot easier!).


If you’ve followed my journey on Instagram you’ll know that Esther is an early riser, and by “early riser” I mean she wakes anytime between 4-5:30am. The more the days go on the harder it gets to wake up at that time and the more I prey that she will go back to sleep! However the majority of the time she doesn’t. As a busy working mum using MyHummy helps me get back some sleep and helps Esther settle back off too so I can feel more myself again! Its hard work being a Mum and that combined with a lack of sleep is even harder so its great to have more time to be able to relax. Not only for me but Esther is always much happier in a morning when she’s slept longer. 

MyHummy have a dedicated customer care team who are always happy to help, you can contact them on if you have any questions!

I have put a link here to the MyHummy website where you can browse their products including the new releases.


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